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      Lipo B Injection for Weight Loss

      Lipo B Injection For Weight Loss NJ

      August 16, 2016

      Lipo B injection is a combination of many ingredients that help in the weight loss process. It is composed of Lipotropic nutrients that help in removing the excess fat from the liver. These substances also aggravate the metabolism of the liver and gallbladder and aid in mobilizing fats.

      Choline, Methionine, and Inositol are Lipotropic agents. Lipo B injection has these three ingredients along with Vitamin B 12. Vitamin B12 is needed for making healthy cells and boosting the body energy levels.

      Lipo B injection is given to reduce the excess fat accumulation around areas like the stomach, inner thighs, etc. It acts in a way that speeds up the fat metabolism in the body. It targets the liver so that excess fat in the liver is broken down. It prevents excess accumulation of fat in the liver.

      What does it contain?

      Methionine 25 mg/mL, Cyanocobalamin 20 mcg/mL, Choline Chloride 50 mg/mL, Inositol 50 mg/mL. [ This can vary slightly ]

      Some of the ingredients are given separately, but they come in the same cycle.

      What is the function of each component?

      Methionine: It is a sulfur-containing amino acid, utilized in various metabolic processes in the body. It helps in preventing excess fat accumulation in the liver. It decreases histamine release, so there is less of an allergic response to the injection.

      Cyanocobalamin: Vitamin B12 is needed for the healthy nervous system.

      Choline: Helps in the transport of cholesterol and other fats in the body. Helps in excretion of wastes from the liver.

      Inositol: Closely associated with choline. Helps in the mobilization of fats in the body.

      Who should not take this medicine?

      A person allergic to any of the above ingredients should not take this injection. Report immediately if there is swelling of the lips, wheezing, rashes or any other severe symptom.

      Where is it given?

      It is given Intramuscularly, and never take it intravenously.

      The uses of Lipo B injection are:

      1.   Improve metabolism of fats in the body.

      2.    Removes fat and toxins from the liver

      3.    Boosts energy levels and improves the mood.

      4.    Reduces Cholesterol levels and Gallstones

      5.    Healthy skin, aids in hair growth and stronger nails,

      6.    Better digestion as the metabolism is brought back to normal.

      Also ask about our other options that include LipoLean Supreme when you come in!

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